Q: How does a charity slot work for the 2017 Endurance for Veterans Face-Off?

A: Each teammate participating in the 2017 Endurance for Veterans Face-Off has an $80 fundraising minimum. We provide all the necessary tools! You have access to your personalized web page 24/7, can view donor activity, and can easily share your progress and story on social media!

Q: What and why is a fundraising commitment required?

A: Endurance for Veteran’s goal is to raise money for the mission of helping veterans heal and rehabilitate through physical fitness. Fundraising is crucial in increasing word to mouth and gaining support from the local community.

We also wanted to provide a unique opportunity for supporters to participate in this year’s event while sharing their story on why they are competing.

Q: I’m new to fundraising. What kind of fundraising support do you provide?

A: We provide numerous resources to make fundraising for Endurance for Veteran’s fun, easy, and meaningful. These resources including a personalized online donation page, tips on how to successfully fundraise, and you will also have access to us by email for fundraising support anytime.

Q: When is the fundraising due and what happens if I am unable to raise the funds?

The fundraising commitment is due one week prior to the event. Most participants find their training is progressing and their fundraising is coming along nicely much earlier than anticipated. If you are unable to reach the fundraising goal, you are required to pay the difference before the competition. Don’t worry…we’ll provide the tools to help you get there!

Q: Where does the fundraised money go?

Great question! Endurance for Veteran’s is committed to helping veterans heal and rehabilitate through physical fitness and we want to do more in 2017…a lot more. We’re laying the groundwork for researching sustainable solution to help veterans with mental health disorders and all proceeds will go directly to funding mental health research and veteran assistance.

Some cost related to this event are unavoidable (equipment, venue, processing fees, etc), but we managed to cut unnecessary expenses every way possible. Endurance for Veteran’s is a 100% volunteer organization. Staff and Board of Directors do not collect salary, bonus, or any type of monetary benefits. We’ve built a team who truly believe in our mission and many have donated countless hours and their own money to our organization. Our technology and design (websites, animation, logos, etc.) are also created in house.

If you still have questions, shoot us an email. You’re donating your time and money into Endurance for Veterans and we want to be as transparent as possible to gain your trust.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding this event?

If you have any other questions, or if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us info@enduranceforveterans.org.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: Endurance for Veteran’s is recognized as a 501(c)(3)organization and all monetary donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Q: Some of my donors are not showing up. Why?

A: As your Donors make a contribution, they have the option of whether or not they want to appear in the recognition scroll. If they want their contribution to remain anonymous, their donation will not appear.

Also, donations only appear after the payment has been processed. The confirmation process can take a few minutes.

Q: Can I plan a fundraising event to help reach my fundraising goal?

A: We highly encourage the team to hold fundraising events during their campaign! Hold a BBQ, Bowl-a-thon, scavenger hunt…get creative. We want to hear your ideas.

Q: How do I start?

A: 3 easy steps.

Q: What if I want to fundraise and not participate in the event?

A: Team E4V was created to provide a venue for all supporters who would like to help. Anyone can sign up and promote their event. Register here to get started!