2Moms On A Mission Quarter Auction

A 2Moms Quarter Auction is a group of vendors (Tupperware, candle makers, crafters, Pampered Chef, etc) gathering their products together and raffling them off for quarters. It is a fun filled night of networking with other vendors and their customers, friends and family. In addition, Quarter Auctions organized by 2Moms will always benefit a chosen organization or person in need.
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About the Campaign

When your guests arrive, they will pay $5 for admission and 2 paddles. Each paddle is numbered and corresponds with a numbered wooden chip. These chips are used to call the winning paddle for each item.

After each item is described and offered up for bidding, guests have the option to “play to win” that item. If they choose to bid, they will place their quarter(s) in one of the buckets going around by our quarter runners. Playing with more than one paddle increases their chances of winning the item by “bidding” with each paddle number. (For example, if you have 1 paddle and the bid is for 50 cents, you’d only put two quarters in the bucket. However, if the guest wants to play both numbers, they would place 4 quarters in the bucket, and raise both of their numbered paddles.)

A number is then drawn and if it matches your paddle number, you win! If that particular paddle number was not in play, another number is drawn until a winner is found. (You have to play to win!)

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